Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of CPAC. I’ll be live-tweeting as much as I can. You’ll also find updates here on my blog in short bursts of posts. A collaborative post will be done on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Yes, I’ll post photos when I can! 🙂

See you there! ❤


The Excitement of Meeting Sarah Palin…Soon!

I am such a Sarah Palin supporter that I’m basically telling everyone I know that I’m going to meet Sarah Palin at CPAC. While CPAC is only 17 days away, my excitement is growing everyday.

Note to many: I’m not a “fan”. Yes, I think she’s pretty awesome as a person, but her stances on public policy is what I support. Smaller government? Yes please!

I’m still worried that I won’t get CPAC Media Credentials. I probably won’t in fact, and if God says no, He’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. Same goes for Blog Bash. I don’t get in? God has something special planned for me that night. I just know it. Personally, I’d love to hang out with Governor Palin for the night–as in, dinner and karaoke (well, kinda kidding on the karaoke part). If Bristol and Willow and Piper are there, then I’ll be even more excited!

I know CPAC isn’t all about Sarah Palin–but it could be. I’ll basically be hanging with Palin supporters from Twitter, Conservatives 4 Palin, and Palin 4 America. I’m okay with that. Socializing is what I do best. 🙂

Right now as I type I have my “Palin-list: Reloaded” playing on iTunes and grinning wide. This is going to be the best weekend EVER!

Please God, let the week hurry up! I’ve got a great weekend ahead of me!

Hey GOP Leaders, Where Are Your Spines?

I’m probably not the only one who is disappointed with our Republican leaders in Congress. It’s awful to see John Boehner and Eric Cantor simply let the Democrats pass legislation whenever they want. The GOP doesn’t fight Obama’s executive gun control orders or even the debt ceiling. In fact, the GOP in the House agreed to extend the debt ceiling until May with the Senate Democrats offering to help!



Liberals on the Brink: Piers Morgan and Joe Biden

I find it funny and insanely annoying that Piers Morgan and Joe Biden have made verbal gaffes in 24 hours of each other. Although I may have my expectations of decent human beings high.

Piers Morgan, with Ben Shapiro as his guest for the promotion of his book “Bullies”, tried to give Shapiro the what-for by referring to the U.S. Constitution as “Your Little Book” (TM). As I watched the segment, my standards of decent human beings (aka liberals) went down just a tad. Hey Morgan, this is America! Maybe you need a little refresher course on what it means to be an American. Wait a sec…you’re NOT American. British, right? Didn’t we kick y’alls butt 235 years ago? Yeah wait, we did.

Ah, the British. We love them for Downton Abbey, but we take the tacky people back over the pond. Great trade off. /sarcasm

Joe Biden today, as reported by USA Today, mentioned that there was no “silver bullet” to preventing gun violence. Oh great Joe, two in one week? Did you just happen to mention “shooting for Tuesday” too? Dear Lord, someone should keep duct tape over your mouth. Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.

I’m not sure what else to write other than the fact that I’m angry over the state of this country. America, paging America! Where art thou? Where is lower taxes, a smaller government, and a wish to preserve the Constitution? Doesn’t everyone know it’s gonna suck to pay off the debt as a young adult?!

I think I need chocolate milk.

Are Conservatives Old People with Canes?

Conservatives. People may cringe, snort, or roll their eyes at that term. “Conservatives are all old people with canes and outdated ideas” is the thought process of some Americans. The typical conservative is Bible-thumping, gun-shooting, and designer-tote-carrying. They cling to the Constitution, spending way more than they should on military buildup, and think that “ecological tote bags” are the bane of their existence.

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In Response to “The Only Hope” Facebook Status by Sarah Palin

Like many people around the country, I cried and sobbed furiously on Friday. On Saturday, I couldn’t take the political pundits and talk show hosts. I deleted every news app on my iPhone. It was just too much.

Sarah was right about not putting faith in politicians or political pundits. I had put faith in the wrong place–her. Today’s post gave a wake-up call. I now put my faith in God, the only hope that we have today.

Sarah talked about having a child-like faith. What people don’t know about me is that I’m kind of the same way now. How can a person take down 6 adults and 20 precious children? I don’t know. I don’t have the answer to that.

I cling to what I know, and that is God. God always brings the good out of evil. I know there’s a Bible verse for that, but I don’t remember it. But somehow in the process I thought Sarah was the amazing one. How wrong I was! Sarah is only me, and I am her. We are equals in Christ. She just happens to live in Alaska and do some amazing cool things, but Jesus turned water into wine. Way better miracle in my opinion.

I pray for Newtown. I pray for the families. I love you all. I also pray for the gunman. As Jesus said of the Romans nailing Him to a tree, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”. I believe the gunman was sick, very sick, just as I was. He wasn’t in his right mind. I pray for him because I think Jesus would love him as well.

Thank you Sarah for waking me up. I should have known better. Putting you up on a pedestal was the wrong thing to do. I ask for your forgiveness, dear sister in Christ. I realize now you can’t solve the world’s problems. Only God can.

And Sarah? I think we are more alike than I thought. I am not yet 20 but my soul is 10 and shall remain 10. I see the world as innocent but broken. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” This world is broken, but there are hidden paths of light that shine out from the cracks of darkness. I know, after your status was written, you understand that too.

I’ve a simple prayer for you, Sarah.

Thank you.

Thank you God for using Sarah as an instrument to Your Glory. You are to be praised above all other names. You are our Counselor, our Redeemer, our Lord of Lords, our King of Kings. Please comfort those families of which evil has befallen them. Tell them that all is not lost. After all, their children are in the safest place of all–heaven, with You.

“Love is patient, love is kind…” I Con. 13

Obama Won and I’m Okay

Obama won again a second term for the presidency. To most conservatives, it means the end of America, as we know it. We turn from a republic to socialism, where the poor will only get poorer and the rich lose their money due to “redistribution”.

Surprisingly, I’m not angry.

I know most of my conservative friends are shocked and probably a tad unhinged. I’m not like that.

While I don’t think Obama won fair and square (I’m looking at you, NAACP and ACORN), he won. That is reality and a reality I need to get used to. Whether I like it or not, Obama is here for another four years.

Do you think I’ll sit down and shut up? Let the misery of socialism wash over me like Superstorm Sandy, destroying all of my blog posts and my life? No. It just means that I need to fight harder and be stronger. My skin will become thicker. My blood will flow through me with adrenaline that I never knew I had. This will make me a better person in the end; I know it will.

The devastation of loss is great. I thought we had a shot. The American people made a choice, however little they turned out at the polls. The Electoral College made a choice. I must deal with the outcome.

I will deal with the outcome.

I will step up on my blogging. I will start a College Republicans club on campus. I will fight for the Constitution and Judeo-Christian principles that I believe this great country was founded on.

America is known for its greatness, and many of us, me included, take our freedom for granted. With this election over and done, I won’t take my freedom granted anymore. I can’t afford to. I have four more years of Obama. Am I disappointed? Yes, very much so, but I can’t let Obama and his cronies stop me.

Obama let four people die in Benghazi because of militants that didn’t like our country. Our economy is just as bad when George W. Bush had it. Superstorm Sandy has wiped out the Jersey Shore, and where is Obama? Campaigning to become president again.

I guess his campaigning paid off. The American people are once again duped and lied to. It’s not just Obama whom everyone believed; it’s the media too. They have covered up his lies and deceit with singing praises of our incompetent president. Americans will believe anything, and that is the saddest part of our country. We are gullible and naïve. We can’t afford to be this way anymore.

So thank you, American people, for voting in more debt. Another stimulus. Our connections to China will be stronger and not for the better, as we rely on China for money. Higher taxes. A president who won’t lead.

Don’t worry though; I’m ready. If we survived these four years, we might not survive the next four. In that case, I’ll be re-reading The Hunger Games to prepare for the future.