About Emily

Emily Baxter is a teen with attitude who’s excited about conservative values! She studies at college in an undisclosed location as a junior this year. While not juggling mountains of homework, she writes both fiction and commentary. She loves to read, listen to music on her iPod touch, and spend countless hours looking at purses on the Internet. Her prized possession is a signed Sarah Palin photo that was sent to her all the way from Alaska!

You can follow Emily on Twitter: @EmilyBaxter613

You can follow Emily on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emilybaxter613

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Top Ten Fun Facts about Emily:

1. I procrastinate. A lot.

2. Sarah Palin is the person who inspired me as a 15 year old to pay attention to politics. I owe much to her.

3. I have stood 6 feet from the governor’s office in Juneau, Alaska.

4. My iPhone is my obsession. I am definitely an Apple junkie!

5. I have over 300 books (real books) in my bedroom.

6. I’m working on learning and playing guitar. It’s a Daisy Rock pink sparkle guitar.

7. Legally Blonde? I love pink, pink, and more pink!

8. I want to be a conservative political analyst (like on TV and radio and print)

9. Washington DC is my favorite place in the world.

10. I watch some TV, but I love action-adventure, comedy, and fantasy. Favorite TV Show: Once Upon a Time

and a bonus!

11. I fight to save America on a daily basis. In class or not, it’s really important to me.


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