The Excitement of Meeting Sarah Palin…Soon!

I am such a Sarah Palin supporter that I’m basically telling everyone I know that I’m going to meet Sarah Palin at CPAC. While CPAC is only 17 days away, my excitement is growing everyday.

Note to many: I’m not a “fan”. Yes, I think she’s pretty awesome as a person, but her stances on public policy is what I support. Smaller government? Yes please!

I’m still worried that I won’t get CPAC Media Credentials. I probably won’t in fact, and if God says no, He’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. Same goes for Blog Bash. I don’t get in? God has something special planned for me that night. I just know it. Personally, I’d love to hang out with Governor Palin for the night–as in, dinner and karaoke (well, kinda kidding on the karaoke part). If Bristol and Willow and Piper are there, then I’ll be even more excited!

I know CPAC isn’t all about Sarah Palin–but it could be. I’ll basically be hanging with Palin supporters from Twitter, Conservatives 4 Palin, and Palin 4 America. I’m okay with that. Socializing is what I do best. 🙂

Right now as I type I have my “Palin-list: Reloaded” playing on iTunes and grinning wide. This is going to be the best weekend EVER!

Please God, let the week hurry up! I’ve got a great weekend ahead of me!


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