Are Conservatives Old People with Canes?

Conservatives. People may cringe, snort, or roll their eyes at that term. “Conservatives are all old people with canes and outdated ideas” is the thought process of some Americans. The typical conservative is Bible-thumping, gun-shooting, and designer-tote-carrying. They cling to the Constitution, spending way more than they should on military buildup, and think that “ecological tote bags” are the bane of their existence.

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One thought on “Are Conservatives Old People with Canes?

  1. Met you last night at the meeting and thought I’d check out your blog since I don’t do twitter yet. Yes, “truth” is a tricky thing. If you are really interested in becoming enlightened, you must allow evidence to overturn your understanding of a Truth (a hypothesis), or your search for the actual Truth (an absolute) is doomed to failure.

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