Liberals on the Brink: Piers Morgan and Joe Biden

I find it funny and insanely annoying that Piers Morgan and Joe Biden have made verbal gaffes in 24 hours of each other. Although I may have my expectations of decent human beings high.

Piers Morgan, with Ben Shapiro as his guest for the promotion of his book “Bullies”, tried to give Shapiro the what-for by referring to the U.S. Constitution as “Your Little Book” (TM). As I watched the segment, my standards of decent human beings (aka liberals) went down just a tad. Hey Morgan, this is America! Maybe you need a little refresher course on what it means to be an American. Wait a sec…you’re NOT American. British, right? Didn’t we kick y’alls butt 235 years ago? Yeah wait, we did.

Ah, the British. We love them for Downton Abbey, but we take the tacky people back over the pond. Great trade off. /sarcasm

Joe Biden today, as reported by USA Today, mentioned that there was no “silver bullet” to preventing gun violence. Oh great Joe, two in one week? Did you just happen to mention “shooting for Tuesday” too? Dear Lord, someone should keep duct tape over your mouth. Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.

I’m not sure what else to write other than the fact that I’m angry over the state of this country. America, paging America! Where art thou? Where is lower taxes, a smaller government, and a wish to preserve the Constitution? Doesn’t everyone know it’s gonna suck to pay off the debt as a young adult?!

I think I need chocolate milk.


Are Conservatives Old People with Canes?

Conservatives. People may cringe, snort, or roll their eyes at that term. “Conservatives are all old people with canes and outdated ideas” is the thought process of some Americans. The typical conservative is Bible-thumping, gun-shooting, and designer-tote-carrying. They cling to the Constitution, spending way more than they should on military buildup, and think that “ecological tote bags” are the bane of their existence.

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