Obama Won and I’m Okay

Obama won again a second term for the presidency. To most conservatives, it means the end of America, as we know it. We turn from a republic to socialism, where the poor will only get poorer and the rich lose their money due to “redistribution”.

Surprisingly, I’m not angry.

I know most of my conservative friends are shocked and probably a tad unhinged. I’m not like that.

While I don’t think Obama won fair and square (I’m looking at you, NAACP and ACORN), he won. That is reality and a reality I need to get used to. Whether I like it or not, Obama is here for another four years.

Do you think I’ll sit down and shut up? Let the misery of socialism wash over me like Superstorm Sandy, destroying all of my blog posts and my life? No. It just means that I need to fight harder and be stronger. My skin will become thicker. My blood will flow through me with adrenaline that I never knew I had. This will make me a better person in the end; I know it will.

The devastation of loss is great. I thought we had a shot. The American people made a choice, however little they turned out at the polls. The Electoral College made a choice. I must deal with the outcome.

I will deal with the outcome.

I will step up on my blogging. I will start a College Republicans club on campus. I will fight for the Constitution and Judeo-Christian principles that I believe this great country was founded on.

America is known for its greatness, and many of us, me included, take our freedom for granted. With this election over and done, I won’t take my freedom granted anymore. I can’t afford to. I have four more years of Obama. Am I disappointed? Yes, very much so, but I can’t let Obama and his cronies stop me.

Obama let four people die in Benghazi because of militants that didn’t like our country. Our economy is just as bad when George W. Bush had it. Superstorm Sandy has wiped out the Jersey Shore, and where is Obama? Campaigning to become president again.

I guess his campaigning paid off. The American people are once again duped and lied to. It’s not just Obama whom everyone believed; it’s the media too. They have covered up his lies and deceit with singing praises of our incompetent president. Americans will believe anything, and that is the saddest part of our country. We are gullible and naïve. We can’t afford to be this way anymore.

So thank you, American people, for voting in more debt. Another stimulus. Our connections to China will be stronger and not for the better, as we rely on China for money. Higher taxes. A president who won’t lead.

Don’t worry though; I’m ready. If we survived these four years, we might not survive the next four. In that case, I’ll be re-reading The Hunger Games to prepare for the future.


Thoughts on Cedar Crest College on Election Day

Overhearing conversations around campus, I realize sadly that the kool-aid is brought in vats. Most students are voting for or already voted for Obama. Come on! Doesn’t anyone think for themselves anymore?

Maybe they don’t know some facts.

Perhaps they don’t know they owe $50,763 to the government because of our impending debt. You know, $16 trillion dollar debt? That one?

Perhaps they don’t know that voting based on their favorite celebrity’s vote isn’t really voting. It’s letting someone else think for you.

Maybe my fellow colleagues need to look up the facts. For themselves.

You know, I can’t change a mind very well, but I sure as heck will vote with pride today.

Happy Election Day! 🙂