OMG–The Left attacks Conservative…Teens?!

Yesterday’s antics of the Left made me wonder why these people can be so nasty. I’m normally a “Let’s see the good in everyone” kind of person, even liberals. But when Bethany Bowra went into Twitter Gulag (a term for being banned from Twitter), I couldn’t help thinking: Is the Left really that afraid of teen conservatives?

I don’t know Bethany very well, other than the fact she’s an intern at Smart Girl Politics. Sixteen years old and doing something with her life early (I didn’t do that until 18!). Liberals like the fact that they can push the “spam” option under someone’s profile in order to get them banned from Twitter. Twitter, as many will know, is a hotspot for all conservatives. We use Twitter to our advantage, especially when a hashtag from the President comes up (Lord knows we like to use said hashtag…in a different way). 

Yesterday, the hashtag of choice from conservatives was “Free Bethany Bowra”. Bethany had been thrown into Twitter Gulag by liberals who are simply afraid of her. Grown men and women scared of a sixteen-year-old girl? That’s upside down like Wonderland. Seriously, what do these people think they will accomplish? They underestimate us; we come together when one of us is trouble. Do liberals do that? Eh, not so much.

So libs, I ask thee a question: What do you want to accomplish by silencing us? Or better yet, give it up. Conservatives come together to unite our country, not divide it. Silencing a teenage girl or boy isn’t going to do anything; in fact, it makes us stronger and go “Bring. It. On.” We are stronger because of the attacks. 

So bring it on liberals and Obama-worshipers: We ain’t going nowhere. 

OMG liberals, whatcha gonna do?