A Fresh Start

This is the brand new, I’m-a-sophomore-in-college-now, sarcastic-laced, blog hosted by me, Emily B. You might know me from Twitter as Emily_Awesome13. This is going to be an extension of Twitter, since 120 characters can’t convey every feeling I’ve got on whichever subject is going around. I’m starting a new blog because I really wanted to give myself a fresh start as November rolls around so I’m ready for a quick minute post.

The other blog is NOT going away. Think of it as “archived”. I’m trying to be a little more mature because I am studying to be a journalist, but don’t get me wrong: I will be sarcastic and ramble and be a total idiot sometimes. Only sometimes.

Emily isn’t retreating, she’s reloading! (HAHA, did you get that? Yeah, yeah, I know you did.)



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